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Honeycomb Warmer

Honeycomb Warmer

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This ceramic electric burner has a unique "honeycomb" design. This candle warmer style brings a relaxing mood to the room and elegance to any home décor. Use these candle warmers with our scented soy wax tarts to freshen up your personal space at home or work. The warming dish can easily be removed when you want to empty old wax and for cleaning. These electric tart burners use a special 25 watt light bulb which quickly warms up the scented wax tarts, releasing the fragrance into the air. The small holes allow the light from the bulb to shine through the plug-in fragrance warmers, giving off a soft glow. Each candle warmer is 6 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" diameter. The electrical cord is 3 feet long and has in inline on/off switch. This warmer uses the 25 watt CW-RB-NP5 replacement bulb.

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